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Iain Campbell

Senior Global VP

Iain Campbell McKenna is our Senior Global VP, who comes to LavenirAI with an impressive 19-year tenure in the Procurement industry. Iain is a master in this area and is well-known for his influential role at Sourcing Solved, as well as his captivating “Procurement in 5 minutes” podcast. He has interviewed leaders from global brands such as Amazon, Maersk, and Mars to name a few, giving him a thorough understanding from both the buyer and supplier perspective.

Iain’s expertise and thought leadership are highly respected in the procurement world, and he is frequently invited as a guest speaker and author for some of the most prestigious publications. What sets Iain apart is his unwavering commitment to the combination of technology and human evolution. He is an advocate for augmenting human skills with AI rather than replacing them, firmly believing in the age-old legacy of human refinement. At LavenirAI, we are excited about his vision and confident in his ability to steer our mission forward, highlighting the synthesis of AI and the inherent human touch in Procurement.

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