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Meet our
Sales Avatars

Our Sales Avatars are specifically designed to bring users a true to life negotiation experience. Our Sales Avatars are based on the 5 most common sales person types, encapsulating their personalities, appearance and experiences.

Meet Stefan

Stefan is our first Sales Negotiation Avatar. Stefan is a logical and methodical person, he likes to understand his customers’ situation and always encourages them to share their data, but only if it’s accurate. 


Stefan responds well to organised customers, logical thinking and clear communication is essential when negotiating with Stefan. 


Do you think you can create a deal with Stefan?

Meet AnneMarie

AnneMarie is an Italian business woman. Known to drive a hard bargain, she is always trying to get the best possible deal for her company. Buyers will need to use strong negotiation strategies to gain concessions, especially if AnneMarie knows that there are no competitors. She is not particularly collaborative, and on occasions has been known to simply get up and walk out if pushed too far. It is possible to connect with her through a strong relationship and highlighting future business growth potential.


Coming soon.