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LavenirAI Announces Appointment of Iain Campbell McKenna as Senior Global VP LavenirAI

LavenirAI Announces Appointment of Iain Campbell McKenna as Senior Global VP

Arizona, September 5th – LavenirAI, a leading pioneer in AI-driven Procurement negotiation training and development, today proudly announced the appointment of Iain Campbell McKenna as their new Senior Global VP. This strategic addition underscores the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries in Procurement by merging advanced technology with the vast expanse of human experience.

Iain Campbell McKenna, a distinguished figure in the Procurement industry, brings with him an impressive 19-year tenure marked by leadership roles and significant achievements. Notably, he is the driving force behind Sourcing Solved and the insightful “Procurement in 5 minutes” podcast. He has interviewed leaders from global brands such as Amazon, Maersk, Mars, Fujitsu, to name a few, giving him a thorough understanding from both the buyer and supplier side.

Commenting on the recent appointment, Clive R Heal, CEO of LavenirAI remarked, “Iain’s arrival at LavenirAI signifies a union of visionary leadership and profound expertise. Together, we’re set to redefine the AI-driven Procurement landscape.”

The move reflects LavenirAI’s proactive approach to solidify its position in the market, merging the best of AI advancements with invaluable human insights. Iain’s belief in augmenting, not replacing, human skills with AI resonates deeply with the ethos of LavenirAI. This alignment of vision promises a future where Procurement training is not only efficient but also grounded in human-centered design and strategy.

LavenirAI’s dedication to enhancing Procurement’s human skills has been its unique selling proposition. As AI increasingly finds its way into every industry and every process, it’s companies like LavenirAI, and leaders like Iain, that ensure technology serves as an amplifier to human capabilities rather than a replacement.

Iain himself has been a vocal proponent of this perspective. His consistent emphasis on the importance of preserving the human touch in an age of rapid technological advancements sets him apart in the industry. This appointment heralds not just a new chapter for LavenirAI, but a brighter future for the Procurement sector, where the synergy of AI and human expertise will continue to break new grounds.

As LavenirAI looks to the future, the community eagerly anticipates the innovations and advancements that will inevitably arise from this powerful collaboration. With Iain steering global initiatives, the Procurement landscape is set for transformative change.

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Clive R Heal, Chief Executive Officer

Bill Michels, Chief Commercial Officer

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