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Unlocking procurement excellence

LavenirAI was designed by Procurement experts, for Procurement professionals

Technology driven
negotiation training

Developed specifically for the Procurement professional, increasing negotiation skills on the go.

Digital learning
and development

Using conversational AI, our avatars are ever-learning, meaning you will never have the same negotiation.

Development on demand

LavenirAI unlocks the ability to train wherever, whenever, at whatever time suits you. Removing the need to travel to periodic negotiation workshops and keeping your negotiation skills fresh and up to date.

The only AI powered negotiation training platform in the world

Conversational AI

LavenirAI is built on a conversational AI model, providing users with ultra realistic, immersive and engaging experiences to develop their negotiation skills.

Adapts to each users negotiating approach

Never get the same negotiation twice

Unique experience for each individual

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Intuitive Interface

User experience is a core building block of LavenirAI, allowing our users to have a seamless and intuitive personalised experience within LavenirAI.

Simplified wayfinding and navigation

Designed for ease of use

VR ready – coming late 2023

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Customised content

Every training programme has unique requirements, LavenirAI can create custom case studies specific to a users business situation.

Tailor users experience to your industry

Simulate real world negotiation scenarios

Work 1-on-1 with LavenirAI’s specialists

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If you don’t see an answer to a question you might have, feel free to get in touch. Our team are always happy to help

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LavenirAI is designed for Procurement professionals at all levels.

LavenirAI is available on both MAC and Windows laptops. There is no need to download any software.

An annual LavenirAI subscription provides unlimited access to the Training Center for Negotiation training & coaching, plus the Office to practice negotiations. The subscription also includes free quarterly Release upgrades.

LavenirAI is initially available in English, with additional languages to be added over time.

Users will need a laptop or computer with internet access. Users will need a suitable headset with a microphone. Users will require a VR headset to use the VR version when available.

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