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Negotiation training just got
up close and personal

LavenirAI is the first AI powered Procurement negotiation training platform in the world. Developed by some of the Procurement's top experts, LavenirAI was designed specifically for Procurement professionals.

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The first AI powered Procurement training platform

Specifically developed for the Procurement professional

On Demand Training

LavenirAI is designed to boost your negotiation game from anywhere at anytime.

Ever-learning Functionality

Ever learning programming allows you to experiment, practice, learn and achieve different outcomes.

Custom Built Avatars

True to life avatars with different personalities allow you to test yourself and your negotiation skills.

In-house Coaching

Pre, post and in-negotiation coaching and feedback from the LavenirAI Digital Mentor.

Team Subscriptions

Whether you have a team of 50 or 500, LavenirAI has the ability to help train your employees to make them the best at their game.

Continuously Developing

LavenirAI is continuously developing, we honour new releases no matter when you start your subscription - meaning you'll always have the most up to date platform.

Who are you choosing?

Meet our Sales Avatars

Our Sales Avatars are specifically developed and are based on different sales personality types, allowing us to provide the most realistic negotiation. Each avatar has their own personality, traits and differences in their negotiation styles. For example you could be up against a person who is logical, data driven or emotional and domineering, or introverted and quiet.

Sales Avatar


Sales Avatar


Sales Avatar


Sales Avatar


Made by professionals, for professionals

LavenirAI was developed by some of Procurement’s leading experts with the intention to streamline negotiation training. Eliminating the need to travel to negotiation workshops, being able to access a multitude of case studies and sales avatar personas, the user is able to train their skills through doing, rather than through listening. 


Through Conversational AI, LavenirAI is constantly learning, meaning users will never have the same negotiation twice. Didn’t quite get something right? Give it another go and test different negotiation strategies. 

Negotiation training just
got up close and personal

The ability to negotiate confidentiality is essential for businesses in everyday communications as well as formal situations such as sales, delivery of services, and many legal contracts. 

LavenirAI allows users to train their negotiation skills as many times as they like, wherever they like. Strengthening negotiation abilities, in the comfort of their own office or home.

Conversational AI

Our features will help
to improve negotiations

Using Conversational AI, the LavenirAI platform provides a unique training experience that tests and improves the skills of Procurement professionals, giving them endless opportunities to build their negotiation capabilities. This enables them to deliver more value from negotiations, plus supports increasing employee capability, satisfaction and retention.

Platform development

We're always developing LavenirAI, each quarter will see a new release, no matter when you begin your subscription.

Realistic designs

We develop our avatars to show emotions so they look as realistic as possible. The environments they sit in are also developed realistically, to ensure you have an (almost) real-world experience.

Dedicated Support

We have a team on-hand to give you guidance and support should you need system support.

Developed by the best

LavenirAI was developed by those
in the know

Developed by the best in the business, LavenirAI was born through passions colliding. Bringing Procurement expertise from CRH Innovation and Aripart Consulting, Conversational AI from ConcertoAI and Avatar animation from Agora World.

Our team members

The LavenirAI Board

Frequently asked questions

LavenirAI FAQ's

Lavenir is French for “the future”
LavenirAI is the first, truly free-form, Conversational AI technology for Procurement learning. You first learn to develop your strategies, before negotiating with a diverse range of interactive and life-like, sales avatars. You then get feedback on your approach. It combines 3 critical elements: -Negotiation wisdom. From the Digital Mentors, based on years of leading negotiation training workshops -Conversational AI. Free form, human-like conversations between you and sales avatars -Virtual Reality. Human digital avatars with different persona’s, emotions and emotes
The first LavenirAI releases are for training Procurement professionals in negotiation skills & strategies. Negotiation and influencing skills are often rated the most important skill sets by CPO’s for their Procurement teams. Trainees can be at all Procurement levels from Junior Buyer to CPO.
Release 1 includes: Pre Negotiation training including strategy development & templates. 2x case studies. 1x Interactive sales avatar. Release 1 is available as a 2D version only. Future quarterly Releases (Q4, 2022 onwards) will include: Post negotiation feedback on strategy, approach and style. New case studies. New sales avatars, (up to 5 total), and Market scenario options. Future releases will be available in the full 3D VR version and and also 2D versions
The negotiation training is completely on individual demand You can study the Digital Mentor inputs and practice negotiating whenever and wherever you like No logistics required, (rooms, hotels, travel) Helps the recent increase in Zoom negotiations, Enables you to try different approaches, styles, language etc. to experience how that might change your negotiation outcomes, including negotiating with different sales avatars You can get pre negotiation guidance, post negotiation feedback and in negotiation coaching Over time LavenirAI will offer a range of Case Studies, (direct & indirect spend), different negotiation activities, (eg. RFP review, annual contract negotiation etc.), plus different market situations, (eg. competitive market place, sole source supply, etc.)
Based on years of negotiation experience, the LavenirAI team have defined the 5 most common types of sales persona’s. Each sales avatar uses different language, emotions and body gestures when they are talking with you. They also react differently based on the language you use when talking to them. For example you can practice negotiating with a logical, analytical, methodical negotiator and then switch to a domineering, inpatient individual who likes to take charge and is not always open to collaboration.
Release 1 is available as a 2D version for PC’s and Mac’s. Release 3 and all following quarterly releases will also be available in 3D VR versions, (Procurement Metaverse ready) The technology streams live and so there is no software to download or maintain. Trainees can download teaching content and templates.
The 2D versions, (Release 1 onwards) run on a laptop or PC and use the trainees microphone for speech inputs. The Virtual Reality versions, (Release 3 onwards), will require a VR headset to use the 3D version, so that the trainees experience being in an office negotiating directly with the sales avatar.
LavenirAI will only be available in English.
LavenirAI is led by a Board combining Conversational AI, Virtual Reality and Procurement expertise. See Meet the Board below. The team was formed in Oct 2020
LavenirAI Release 1 is available now.
Future Releases will include Pre, Post & In negotiation coaching & feedback, new Case Studies, new Sales Avatars, 3D VR versions, Negotiation Score ranking, and much more.
The subscription will include 4 releases per year. Every release will include new case studies, functionality, market options, etc. plus increasing amounts of coaching and teaching content. The first 5 releases will add additional sales avatars, each with different persona’s

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500+ Users

50 of those users can be reassigned. If someone leaves the company, their profile can we reassigned to someone else. 

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Publish your logo and branding on our website to showcase the innovative steps your company is taking to improve and strengthen negotiation skills.


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15 of those users can be reassigned. If someone leaves the company, their profile can we reassigned to someone else. 

Global Plus

151 - 499 Users

Plus allows you to increase your number of users, you still keep all the benefits from the Global package.


50 Users

5 of those users can be reassigned. If someone leaves the company, their profile can we reassigned to someone else. 


51 - 149 Users

Plus allows you to increase your number of users, you still keep all the benefits from the Enterprise package.


15 Users

2 of those users can be reassigned. If someone leaves the company, their profile can we reassigned to someone else. 


16 - 49 Users

Plus allows you to increase your number of users, you still keep all the benefits from the SME package.