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Negotiation simulations
powered by AI

The central stage of the Learn > Practice > Feedback loop

Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Delivering enhanced value to your organisation

LavenirAI is designed to equip your procurement team with advanced negotiation skills that directly contribute to improved contractual terms, cost savings, and value generation for your organization while fostering a culture of excellence in negotiation that sets your organization apart,

Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

In a niche industry?

Create custom scenarios
tailored to your team,
organisation or category.

20+ scenarios available

Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Powered by AI

Meet Stefan, a digital sales avatarmpowered by artificial intelligence.

Choose a Procurement scenario and practice negotiating in real time.

At the end, you’ll get feedback and can try again for a better outcome.

Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI
Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Conversational style

Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Unique negotiation skill development platform

LavenirAI’s negotiation simulations offer a groundbreaking approach to developing Procurement negotiation skills.

By combining the flexibility of digital training with the depth of real-world negotiating experiences, LavenirAI empowers users to master negotiation tactics efficiently and effectively.

  • Realistic interactions with AI avatars
  • Personalised post-negotiation feedback
  • Access anywhere, any time
  • Safe learning environment for users
Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Realistic interactions
with AI avatars

Engage in real-time, conversational dialogues with a virtual avatar that reacts and adapts to your negotiation tactics, mirroring real-world human interactions.

Face a wide range of procurement situations, each designed to challenge and enhance different aspects of your negotiating skills.

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Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Personalised feedback

Receive immediate feedback on your negotiation strategies, including insights into what worked, what didn’t, and why. Benefit from customized advice that helps you refine your approach based on your performance metrics.

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Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Access anywhere, any time

Practice your negotiation skills on your schedule, from any location, without the need for coordinating schedules with human trainers or peers. Use LavenirAI across various devices, ensuring your training is always at your fingertips.

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Negotiation Simulations LavenirAI

Safe learning environment

Users can grow their negotiating confidence in a private, supportive environment before applying skills in high-stakes, real-life situations.

Experimenting with different negotiation tactics in a consequence-free setting allows for the exploration of aggressive strategies or creative approaches without real-world repercussions.

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