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Bringing negotiations to life with Conversational AI

A platform that brings negotiation training to your fingertips. Train anywhere, anytime with LavenirAI. Never have the same negotiation twice

True-to-life scenarios at your fingertips

LavenirAI’s Procurement negotiation training and development platform offers a modern, personalized, and engaging approach to negotiation training that can help users develop the skills they need to excel in any negotiation scenario.

Train & Develop

LavenirAI unlocks unparalleled learning and negotiation skills with cutting-edge technology. Giving users a true-to-life negotiation experience.

Realistic negotiation simulations

Enhanced learning outcomes

Competitive edge in negotiations

Elevating Skills

Experience the transformative power of Conversational AI with LavenirAI, elevating yours or your employees skills to new heights through cutting-edge technology.

Quantitative feedback for individuals & CPO’s

Post negotiation feedback & coaching

Negotiation style analyzer

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