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The Metaverse: Procurement’s Destiny

Experience a fusion of innovative thinking and industry expertise in our exclusive session featuring Manila Di Giovanni, a noted Forbes 30 under 30 technopreneur. This enriching webinar, brought to you by LavenirAI's CEO Clive R Heal. Manila, along with Clive,…

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ProcureTech: The Next Wave of Innovation

Gear up for an insightful session with Matthias Gutzmann, the trailblazer behind DPW's spectacular rise in the ProcureTech scene. Hosted by LavenirAI's visionary leaders: CEO Clive R Heal and Senior Global VP Iain Campbell McKenna. Our speakers set to the…

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From Muskets to Maestro Negotiation Evolution

Step into the transformative world of negotiation with our latest webinar, "From Muskets to Maestro: Negotiation Evolution". Dive deep into the journey from primitive bargaining to refined negotiation tactics, mirroring the leap from raw firepower to the elegance of a…

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Embracing Digitization Purposefully in Procurement

Hosted by Clive R Heal and Bill Michels, along with our esteemed guest speaker Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer and Managing Director at Spend Matters. The session is titled "Embracing Digitization Purposefully in Procurement", shining a light on the journey…

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Predictions for the Procurement Future

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of procurement and explore the Predictions for the Procurement Future! In this webinar, we will explore the upcoming trends, advancements, and challenges that will shape the Procurement landscape in the years to…

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Navigating the Future of Negotiation

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In this insightful webinar on Procurement in the Age of Disruption: Navigating the Future of Negotiation. Our guest speaker, Philip Ideson from Art of Procurement, will join hosts Clive R Heal and Bill Michels, two renowned industry experts, to share their insights on the future of negotiation training & development in the Procurement space.

Negotiation is a core Procurement competency, where personal development requires ongoing practice. What are the new disruptive digital technologies now available, that will raise Procurement skills to a new level and enable increased value delivery?

During this webinar, our experts will explore the key trends and challenges facing Procurement professionals today and provide practical insights into navigating the future of negotiation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into the future of Procurement and negotiation. Register now to secure your spot in this must-attend webinar!

Navigating the Future of Negotiation LavenirAI

Philip Ideson

Guest Speaker

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